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Comments on Anttron 8010-B
Date: November 29, 2000
Subject: Anttron 8010-B

 I am very pleased with the Anttron 8010-B.  The performance so far is outstanding.
Being in the middle of the state of Kansas it is hard at times to work
foreign stations.  First weekend I talked to the Czech Rep. and France on
10M.  On 20M I talked all over the US.  15 and 40M are just as good.  
I have received good reports from the stations contacted.  Antenna is 20 feet
above ground.  No ground radial system.  Running about 50' of RG8/U Mini foam.
Out put around 75 watts.  The rig here is Kenwood 820S.  I would recommend
this antenna to anyone where space or surroundings are a problem.  

I live in a mobile home park and have had trouble for the last 6 years with different
antennas, this is the only one I have found that will work in these
surroundings.  I can't say enough about the performance of the antenna.  I
am very pleased with it.   And have had very good luck with it.  I have not
been on WARC bands, but I do not think there will be any problem tuning the
antenna to them.



Date: Feb. 19 2001
Subject: Anttron 8010-B

Due to restrictions I am forced to ground mount my Anttron 8010-B. I am still experimenting with grounds and cable length. At this time the Anttron 8010-B is a couple of feet off the ground.  I am using 2 ground rods and some buried radials at the base. I have also orderd a new MFJ-949-E tuner which sould be better than my 20 years old version.

The reception is fantatic! Here are a few DX reports:
YL2PQ 5-5-9, OM3SEM 5-5, LA9VDA 5-7-9,  RN6AA 5-5-9, ON4AAM 5-7,
V5IAS 5-6-9, KH2/ 5-9-9

Thanks for all your help via e-mail Frank. It is greatly appreciated.

Bob Meeker  AE4TF
Clearwater, Fl.